Structural engineering is one of the core of the company. Our experienced engineers provide full service and high value structural engineering design. Our team consists of an expert and engineers that has been worked in various technically demanding projects such as large industrial plant and high-rise buildings.


We offer experienced local Structural Engineers to work on your project from many of our regional centers across Indonesia and have the experience of delivering quality design and engineering plans/permit sets in almost every city in Indonesia.

RCC Structural

Steel Structural

Composite Structural

Pre -Engineering Building

  • Commercial/Industrial building

  • Multi storey building
  • Concrete and Precast structure
  • Bridge and overpass structure
  • Sport centre or stadium
  • Residential building
  • Warehouse Complexes

  • Conveyor handling structure

  • Telecommunication tower
  • Temporary or permanent camp and office building

Trusted Indonesia Structural Engineers

for Residential and Commercial Buildings

  • Quality that’s affordable
  • Excellent customer service and turnaround time
  • Ability to start a project whenever you are ready!

Leading Structural Engineering Services in Indonesia

A Jeko Bangunan Teknik Structural Engineer can offer a range of services that you may require for your existing building, or for your new construction project.

For a Residential or Commercial building, you may often find yourself in need of a consultation for the following:

  • Structural Engineer for Inspection.

  • Retrofit Structural Engineer.

  • Structural Engineer quote for Load Bearing Wall removal (or a structural engineer to tell you if a wall is load bearing).

Or perhaps you may be looking for;

  • Home Addition Structural Engineer.

  • Home Remodel Structural Engineer.

  • Structural Engineer for your New Custom Home.

If you have a commercial property, you may be looking for;

  • Structural Engineer for Tenant Improvement.

  • Commercial Structural Engineer for your New Commercial Building project (like for an office, a warehouse, hotel, multifamily unit or a condo).

  • Structural Engineer for Mixed-Use building (residential over commercial).



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